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I love climbing.

I'm Dave's son so I was destined to love something about the outdoors. While Dave is constantly overwhelmed by his craving for backpacking, I'm completely obsessed with rock climbing.

And when I'm not rock climbing, I'm at home admiring my climbing gear.

Though I love a challenge, I never let recreation become dangerous and I'm a very safe climber - even though the placement of my helmet in this picture would suggest otherwise. ;)

On your right, you'll see me repelling into a deep sandstone cave. The trip down was awesome and the quick sand at the bottom was pretty cool too.

If you ask me, climbing is the coolest topic you'll find at Outdoors With Dave - and if you need any help, tips, advice or just want to say hi, send me an email.

Oh, yeah - "CLIMB ON!"

Email Mike at


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