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Rock Climbing Gear List

Rock climbing gear can be expensive, but you can buy in these small packages as your skill improves.

by Mike

ROCK CLIMBING GEAR LIST — This is a simple rock climbing gear list of essentials you will need to get started climbing. You will also want to add to this list from the Basic Gear List.


• Climbing shoes
Chalk Bag & Chalk
Crash Pad
Toothbrush (for cleaning chalk encrusted holds)
Snacks & Water

Indoor Climbing

• Harness
Chalk Bag
Belay Device & Locking Carabiner
Climbing Shoes

Sport Climbing - Same as Indoor Climbing, but add:

• Quickdraws (10-12)
Rope (10.5mm X 60 M)
Rope Bag
60 cm Nylon or Spectra Slings (1-2)
120 cm Nylon or Spectra Slings (1-2)
Oval or Locking Carabiners (2-3)

Traditional Climbing - Same as Indoor and Sport, but add:

• 1-2 Sets of Stoppers
1 Set of Hexes
1-2 Sets of Camming Devices
10 or more 60 cm Nylon Slings
20 or more Carabiners
20 Feet of Tubular Webbing
Cordelette (7 mm X 20 Feet Accessory Cord)
Nut Tool (for those stuck pieces)

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