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#10 - Hummer H1 Alpha

The Hummer H1 makes it into the final round of the search for the true off-roader.

by Steve

HUMMER H1 — No list of Ultimate SUVs would be complete without the Hummer H1.

Originally built for the military, this eventually came about for use by civilians. Although some say that if the government wasn’t backing them up they probably wouldn’t have succeeded, they still build a scary machine.

The price on these vehicles is steep, so most people probably won’t be running to the dealership right now. Another drawback is that they are 7.5 feet wide, making them not really good for tight spaces.


Outdoor Basics

But this is the Ultimate Offroader. They thought of everything, including an onboard air compressor so you can inflate or deflate your tires from inside the car. Wow.

Model Specifications
Make Hummer
Model H1 Alpha 4-Door Open Top
Seating Capacity 4
Standard 4WD Full-time 4WD
Standard Engine Durmax 6.6-Liter turbo-charged diesel
Base Price $129,399
Ground Clearance 16 inches
Approach Angle 72
Departure Angle 37.5
Standard Off-road Features

Steel Grid tubular driveline protection
Hardened Aluminum Rocker Panel Shield
TorqTrac 4 traction control
4 Wheel independent double “A” frame suspension with open-end springs and hydraulic shock absorbers
37x12.5R17 “E” Goodyear Wrangler GSA tires
Runflat tire system
Heavy duty steel bumper towing shackles
Heavy duty brush guard
High impact resistant full drive train protection
Central Tire Inflation System with on board air compressor and in dash tire pressure gauge
Fording Capability: 30 inches

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