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#1 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon makes it into the final round of the search for the true off-roader.

by Steve

JEEP WRANGLER RUBICON — With all things considered (mostly price!) this would be my pick if I had to pick an ultimate off-roader.

The Wrangler has been around for some time and is truly capable of off-road directly from the factory. Jeep Wranglers are also easily upgraded with heavier suspensions, transmissions, tires, lift kits, and engines. The idea behind the Rubicon was to do all of that at the factory, so the lift, and heavier suspension are under factory warranty.


Outdoor Basics

The Rubicon was built for rock crawling; it was even tested in Moab, UT where flocks of off-road enthusiasts travel for spring break to test their skills on the hills. Just looking at it and its beefed-up suspension, massive tires, and off-road add-ons, it’s no doubt that this one is serious.

Model Specifications
Make Jeep
Model Wrangler Rubicon
Seating Capacity 4
Standard 4WD 4:1 Rock-Trac Part-time 4WD System
Standard Engine 4.0-liter I6
Base Price $28,345
Ground Clearance 10.3 inches
Approach Angle 44.9
Departure Angle 33.9
Axel Ratio 4.11:1
Standard Off-road Features Heavy duty Dana 44 rear axel
LT245/75R16E BSW 31" MT/R Tires
Fender Flares
Locking Differentials
Fuel Tank Skid Plate
Transfer Case Skid Plate
Black Diamond Sill Guards
High-Pressure Gas-Charged shocks

#2 - Nissan Xterra

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