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New Golfers Can Save a Fortune

Before you go and wipe out your savings, retirement and couch cushions, consider these inexpensive options.

by John

GOLF EQUIPMENT — I know, I know… Nothing is more thrilling than a $450 driver. It’s like King Arthur and Excalibur. Too bad you can't keep golf store inventory just for removing it from the display stand.

Here’s my philosophy—buy the expensive pro gear when you are a pro. Buy amateur gear when you are an amateur and for the weekend warriors, get inexpensive “my kids can still go to college” golf equipment instead of Nike’s new Sasquatch.

Resist the urge to buy gear to help motivate you to reach a certain skill level. Millions of semi-skilled men and women have wasted billions thinking this is the case. Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh could win tours with your grandpa’s dusty bag of clubs because they've got skill. Their cool gear only gives them an edge—not skill.

Don't repeat after me, “If I had awesome gear then I’d practice everyday and get really good and be a champion.” This is the most expensive lie you have been telling yourself.

Our magical credit card powers have tricked us into thinking that we are entitled to unearned upgrades. And I'm afraid you can't buy skill.

If you do not have gear, consider borrowing until you can prove to yourself that you will actually practice. And if you absolutely must get gear, get something that fits and is on the low end of price. Your local big box retail has a $50 driver that looks just like Excalibur and has 95% of the hitting power. Also, there is a huge price drop when you buy last year's golf technology. Getting the latest and greatest is for Tiger Woods, not you... yet.

And, if you pull the low-cost driver out of the display stand just right, your hands will still tingle a little—just like King Arthur.