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Hiking Boot Rating: 8.5 - Great!

Lightweight boot made for day hiking with a light pack. Its advanced construction offers a lot of comfort and it has Gore-Tex XCR to make it waterproof.

Quality Ratings:

1. Weight: 2.0 lbs Excellent
2. Sole: TNF Excellent
3. Upper: Leather Good
4. Lining Good
5. Sole/Upper Connection Excellent
6. Insert: Formed Excellent
7. Toe Protection Good
8. Lacing Excellent
9. Waterproof: Gore-Tex Good
10. Breathability Good
11. Ankle Support Good
12. Value Good

Stunningly lightweight and very comfortable. The Adrenaline is one of the lightest in its category. This boot is often on sale and an excellent value when you can find it for $85 or less.

The ankle support is less than expected for a mid hiking boot and caves in a little too much. The lacing components are a bit on the cheap side for this level of boot but still above average.

Has a standard foot shape (slight curve and medium width) the same as Nike ACG and Merrell. The arch is low and the toe is slightly pointy. The heal is a bit roomy so there may be some slipping for people with a small heal.

List price - $125.00
Average price - $110.00

Shop around! This hiking boot is particularly vulnerable to sales and can easily be found for 50% off (though probably not in your size or color).

Available Sizes: Men's 8-12, 13, 14

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The North Face Adrenaline - Hiking
Boot Review