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Outdoors Newsletter - December 2005


Nothing says, “I need hot chocolate” more than seeing your first snowflake. Snow looks beautiful on evergreens and is one of our favorite “toys” to play with.

Sadly, there is a dark side to snow. Blizzards and ice make car traveling very dangerous. Please make you’re driving safe: check the weather to avoid bad storms, buckle up and plan enough time so you don’t have to hurry.

Okay, enough depressing stuff. Enjoy the snow!


And it’s high time you had a new memorable experience. We dare you to enjoy one of these fun, almost-free, memorable winter activities with your family and friends that you’ll be visiting over the holidays.

1. Winter Day Hike – Exercise and beautiful views! Take your family to one of your favorite summer hiking spots and see how it looks in the winter. Or, day hike a hot local spot that you hear about a lot but have never visited like a waterfall, park trail, historic monument, cave or another cool natural feature. Read more on hiking in winter.

2. Christmas lights – Grab a group, head downtown and get hot chocolate after.

3. Sledding – It sounds cliché, but if you can’t remember the last time you went sledding then it’s high time you bundle up and wear yourself out walking back up the hill.

4. Snow stuff – If you are in an area blessed with snow then you have an obligation to play in it. Snowball fights are fun, but remember to keep it friendly (no ice balls). Our personal favorite is to build things out of the white stuff like snow sculptures or (the politically correct) snow people.

5. Ice-skating – Now, we have to be careful with this one. We only endorse ice-skating if you will be skating at a pond or park—outside. If you are planning to go to an ice rink it doesn’t count because it’s “IN” doors.

3. FEATURE ARTICLE - Winterizing Your Yard

If you’re not up to a full winterizing, here’s your “I’m ready for winter in just one Saturday afternoon” list of essentials.

Preparing Your Lawn for Winter - By John


Backpacking – Lightning Safety – Beautiful yet dangerous (isn’t that the way it always is?) – safety tips when lightning strikes.

Climbing – Buying Rock Climbing Shoes – Mike helps you get that critical fit when you go shopping for new rock climbing shoes.

Cars & Driving – Steve’s Road Trip Tips – Tips for enduring those long trips home for the holidays.

Hiking – Hiking Boot Reviews – Rating and review of popular day-hike boots.

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