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Outdoors Newsletter - January 2006


Happy New Year! We all sincerely hope this will be the best year of your life. In 2006 we also hope you’ll take advantage of the Great Outdoors.

Sunshine: A recent study has shown that you are 30 times more likely to get colon cancer than skin cancer. Vitamin D is a great colon cancer preventer and is produced naturally when you catch a few rays. The moral: sunshine is good for you.

Just don’t over do it. While a few rays are good, you should always protect yourself and avoid getting burned, especially around the blinding snows of winter.

FreshAir: The average home has air that is five-times dirtier than the air outside. A few deep breaths outside can give you more efficient access to oxygen and greatly improve your mood.

Indian Summer : Coming soon to your area is a (according to Webster’s) “period of warm or mild weather in early winter.” So, keep a sharp eye for an unseasonably warm few days – what better excuse do you need to take an extra long break (“Sorry boss, I have to catch the Indian Summer. Wanna come?”).


Make more money. Eat better. Sleep better.

Every year we seem to drag the same list of important goals out to see if this will be the year they’ll get done on their own. And everyone includes (and should include) some kind of exercising. It makes us look and feel better, but those reasons usually only keep us motivated a few weeks. Here are the 5 tips for making this very important goal a yearlong habit.

1. Set up a finish line. Join and train for an event like a 10K, bike race, marathon, biathlon or triathlon. Nothing will motivate your training more than the fear of being last place.

2. Misery loves a buddy. Get someone to exercise with you like a lifting or jogging partner. Share your exercising goals with them so they can help you (if helping others is one of their goals then you get bonus points). The fear of letting someone else down is incredibly encouraging.

3. Keep it fun. Nothing will bore you like efficiency. Even if your activity is not pure exercise, if it is fun then you won’t want to stop. Try hiking, Frisbee, yard work or catch with the kids.

4. Join the crowd or a team. Get involved with a team like softball, basketball, hockey, golf or swimming (and if making more networking contacts or new friends was one of your goals then you get an additional bonus). You may also want to join a class (golf, yoga, dance, etc.). And speaking of structure…

5. Set aside time. If you’re swamped and still can’t fit in time for your gym membership (that you still insist on paying every month) then try two days to start. Go once on Saturday and then once on a weekday. Twice a week is better than zero. Schedule it in!

3 - FEATURE ARTICLE – Winter Camping

Winter camping isn’t just for boy scouts. If you are prepared, camping in the cold can be relaxing and uniquely fun.

Winter Camping - By John


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