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Outdoors Newsletter - October 2005


October is the best month of the year for outdoor recreation. That's not a hyperbolic "best" either. Leaves have a fleeting flare-up of flaming glory, temperatures are perfect for team sports with friends, everyone looks more attractive in a light jacket and if you’re not outside you’ll completely miss three weeks of earthly perfection.

Sports were originally meant for participation rather than today’s remote controlled approach. This October, don’t forget to set aside a Saturday for one last hoorah with the ole’ gang. Consider football, ultimate frisbee, baseball, soccer, kickball and one of our favoritesbocce.


Some of your favorite outdoor activities may be ending, but the holiday fun is just beginning! Before you pack up all of your awesome gear from your favorite hobby, let me suggest one more use—your Halloween costume.

Besides, aren’t there enough princesses, pirates, ghosts, goblins and ghouls out there anyway? And what is a ghoul?

Fisherman – Most fishing gear is made for frigid streams and will be perfect for a chilly night. Use your waders, vest, pole, hat and float tube if you got it. The average quality candy should go in your creel and the best candy will fit nicely in your vest so you can snack as you trick-or-treat. Caution: if you are an avid fisherperson then your candy might taste a little Kipper snacks.

Golfer – To spice up your outfit, try dressing as your favorite player. Find a friend who is struggling to find a costume and make them caddy for you (i.e. they carry all of your candy in a golf bag with a few clubs).

Sleeping Bag – Getting candy is all about marketing. If you throw on any old sleeping bag and say something bland like “I’m a sleeping bag” when candy-givers open the door, you’re libel to get only two Smarties and a half-eaten Snickers. But if you throw on the latest model and say “I’m the new zero-degree Mountain Hardware Phantom!” then your candy ROI will double compared to the previous year (“Aw, cute! Honey, come look at the Phantom…”).

Backpacker – You could be out there for hours so remember your water bottle, trail mix, warm gear and your favorite frame pack with a smattering of light gear to make it look like you are on your way to the recreation adventure of a lifetime.This costume is great because you don’t have to carry around an extra sack for candy. Warning: don’t let anyone get behind you or “put candy in your pack for you.” You’ll never know what you’ll end up with at the end of the night.

North Pole Explorer – This one is for parents who are taking their kids around. Dig out your biggest and warmest coat or snowsuit (furry hood preferred), gloves and boots and stick a sign on your back that says “North Pole Expedition Team.” When the kids start complaining about “freezing to death,” you’ll be laughing up and down driveway.

3. FEATURE ARTICLE – 10 Climbing Tips

Climbers around the world are getting chased off the cliffs by Old Man Winter and are heading for the refuge of their local climbing gym. If it’s a long winter where you live, take the opportunity to work on your technique and focus on these tips.

10 Climbing Tips – By Mike


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